Audition Details

                                                        SATURDAY 2ND MARCH 2024 – 10 AM

                                       NEW FARM NASH THEATRE PLAY SHED


                                  No preparation needed, cold read from the script

                             New Farm Nash Theatre – 4 Amity Street, New Farm

Mr Bailey’s Minder – Character Synopsis

ThereseFemale – Mid-late twenties. Live in support to Leo. Bit of a scrag (rough diamond), Boisterous, defensive, volatile. Has recently been in custody. Not afraid to speak her mind and not afraid to use colourful language. Has previously had a life of hurt.

Leo BaileyMale – Late sixties / early seventies. Previously a good artist who now is a ‘has been’. Has rheumy eyes and his face shows the hardened life he has had with the years of boozing. He is cantankerous, single minded and speaks his mind. His family has all but disowned him except the little support from his sister.

MargoFemale – Late thirties /forties. Daughter of Leo. Businesswomen, likes power dressing and works within Investment Banking. Complex character. and is the only family member willing to help Leo.

Gavin / KarlMale – thirties. The roles to be played by the same actor. Gavin – budding artist, smoothy type of guy. Friend of Leo’s. Karl – Odd jobs / carpenter, polite and gentle. Always sees good in people.

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