Putting it together!

Building the set

The entire cast and crew gathered to paint and put the set together.  Those featured in these photos are set builder Alan Whyte, director Jason Nash, stage manager Jan Read, assistant stage managers Susie Williams and Jonathan Collins, cast members Kristina Nisova and Chris Robinson, and Nash President Phil Carney.

Meet the actors

Here is the complete cast list. Buy a programme for only $2 at the box office to learn more about them:

The “Shrew”, Katharina:   Hannah Martin
Her suitor Petruchio:   Isaac Barnes
Her mother Baptista:    Jennifer Morgan
Her sister Bianca:    Kristina Nisova
Bianca’s suitors:
   Lucentio   Matthew Steenson
   Hortensio   Garry Condoseres
   Gremio   David Bentley
Lucentio’s servants:
  Tranio   Chris Robinson
   Biondello   Kim Jennings
Lucentio’s father, Vincentio:     Cameron Gaffney
Hortensio’s servant, Grumio:    Kate Rohde
 Widow/Tailor:  Caroline Mayfair
Curtis/Haberdasher/Barfly:   Annette Lange
Pedant/Barfly:   John Tiplady

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