Front of House staff (FoH)

Thank you for your interest in FoH.  Duties are straight-forward and training for newcomers is provided “on the night”.

To become a FoH volunteer please get in touch with us by email.

Our FoH staff perform two critical functions:

Box Office Attendant    Usually takes about an hour

Set up Front of House area (takes about half an hour)

Greet audience members as they arrive, sell tickets, programmes and raffle tickets

Tally up the takings — although the FoH Manager will often do this so you can enjoy the show that same night without missing the beginning.

Bar Attendant    Usually takes between 3 – 5 hours depending if you’re needed after interval

Important note: you do not need an RSA.  Our Licensee holds this and provides supervision and “on-the-job” training as needed. This complies with all applicable legislation.

Assist the Duty Manager with set-up of bar (takes 30-60 minutes)

Sell drinks and snacks to the audience before and after the show, and during Interval

Assist Duty Manager to tidy up the courtyard and wash cups/glasses once audience has gone in

If required, assist Duty Manager to put everything away at the end of the night.

FoH Volunteer FAQ’s

Do I need to be a member?

No.  Anyone can volunteer.

How often will I be asked?

We put out a fresh call to our FoH volunteers for each new show, currently 5 shows per year.  Some volunteers do only one or two nights a year, others do a night on every show, or more.  It’s up to you.

What time should I show up, and where?

You will be needed 45 to 60 minutes before the show is due to start.  For evening shows this means being there by about 6.30.  On a heavily booked night Bar staff may be asked to arrive as early as 6pm if available.  All FoH activities are in the Courtyard of our theatre, located on the grounds of Merthyr Rd Uniting Church, New Farm.  Check out the Find Us page for directions and a map.

What should I wear?

Smart casual is fine but some FoH staff do like to dress up!  Others enjoy wearing something that hints at the theme of the play, maybe a witch’s hat for Macbeth, or reindeer antlers for a Christmas show, for example, but this is certainly not expected.

As a Workplace Health and Safety issue please wear appropriate footwear (closed-toe, non-slip is suggested).

What if I can’t do the night I agreed to?

FoH staff are critical to creating an enjoyable experience for those seeing the show.  It can be hard for other volunteers if someone fails to show up but we understand that sometimes plans have to change unavoidably, for example with a sudden illness or family emergency.  You should let the FoH Manager know as soon as you can.

If you’re aware in advance that some potential “situation” may prevent you doing the night you want to, please discuss this with the FoH Manager as it may be possible to roster you anyway.

How busy does it get?

Box Office is usually pretty steady although on quiet nights you may find yourself with a few minutes to yourself once set-up is complete.  Bar staff usually get most of the time to themselves once the audience is inside so if you’re not interested in going in to see part of the show yourself, you are welcome to bring something quiet to do while the play is on, such as a book, or puzzles.  Some of our FoH staff who teach have been known to bring their marking!

On a heavily booked night both Box Office and Bar can be pretty steady.  But even on a “sold out” night, 3 bar staff is enough that the entire audience can get what they want with sufficient time to enjoy their Interval food and drinks before the bell goes for the second act.

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