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Becoming a Member is easy

We are always delighted to hear from people interested in becoming members and accept new members all year round.

Download the Membership Form and return it when you next attend, or by mail or email.  Can’t print it yourself? Ask us for a copy by phone or email or when you are next at the theatre.

Your membership fee can be paid by Direct Deposit.  Membership fees are due on January 1 each year.  Scroll down for the current fees.

All are welcome to audition for Nash productions. If cast, you must become a member. This is required by our Insurer.

To renew your membership

Simply pay the year’s fee in January each year. That’s all!

Missed your renewal date? No problem. No late fees!

Membership renewal can be paid by Direct Deposit or by contacting the Treasurer.

Current Fees – New Members & Renewals
Adult: $22
Junior (under 18): $16.50
Double/Couple: $38

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