Meet the Cast

The cast of our next production, the Radio Play Double Bill, is:

Sunset Boulevard

Announcer: Eliot Rifkin

Libby Collins: Georgia Allison

Irene Martin: Emilie Wilkinson

Joe Gillis: Edward Haworth

Norma Desmond: Lindi Milbourne

Betty Schaefer: Sarah Willoughby

Max: Barry Haworth

Sheldrake: Trevor McMillan

Artie Green: Adam Charlton

Sorry, Wrong Number

Announcer: Eliot Rifkin

Telephone Operator: Emilie Wilkinson

Male 1: Trevor McMillan

Male 2: Barry Haworth

Woman: Karen Neale

Western Union man: Adam Charlton

Police Sergeant Marx: Stewart Kirkland

Chief Operator and Information Operator: Jo Robinson

Hospital Operator: Lerelei Brown

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