Newsletter Editor

Nash Notes is one of several channels we use to inform our members, theatre-goers, and the general public.

The Editor’s duties are quite simple: to put together 5 or 6 issues a year. You would have considerable range for creativity in achieving this.  You would liaise with the Committee, directors and other volunteers to produce content, most of which you will create yourself.

Nash Notes is produced & distributed electronically.  No physical printing/production/distribution is necessary. The production schedule is under the Editor’s control, with an issue due 2 to 3 weeks before the opening of each show.

Sound like something you would like to do? Any questions? Please get in touch with us by email.


Do I need to be a member of New Farm Nash Theatre?

No.  Anyone can volunteer.

Can I change the established format?

You will have freedom to create any format that makes sense.

Where will the content come from?

You will be able to get material from the committee, directors, actors and other volunteers.  It will usually be up to you to write it up in a way that’s suitable for the newsletter format. With one show in rehearsal before the last one has finished playing, there’s usually something interesting happening!

How does Nash Notes fit in to the overall publicity?

We run advertising campaigns in a variety of channels before and during each show. For more regular contact with our audience, actors and others, we maintain this website and social media accounts.  Nash Notes is distributed by email. It serves as a useful resource to broaden the experience and help people feel more “connected”.

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