President’s Report


It is my privilege to present the 2023 Presidents Report knowing that 2023 was a more successful year then the year previous and New Farm Nash Theatre is firmly growing and developing a stronger community theatre presence in this world of Brisbanes ever-changing community theatre scene.

In 2023 we continued with our proved template of a Radio Play, contemporary play, drama/comedy and as always, an Agatha Christie.

The Radio Play, The Thin Man, was a great introduction to 2023 and Phillippa Dwyer, first-time radio play director, did a commendable job with a great cast. Patrons look forward to our annual radio play and this one was no exception.

The contemporary play Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, sure did present current societal issues and patrons took to it like a magnet, they were either were with it or against it. Jason Nash as director very capably presented these issues in a genuine empathetic way with a fine cast, however some of the issues were polarising. New Farm Nash Theatre committee weathered some opposition to this production but let us be clear the production was an overall great success and given the opportunity I would not hesitate in slotting a similar production into the Nash line up should I have an opportunity.

The Drama/Comedy for the year was The Cemetery Club and what a great show it was, biasness coming out now as it was directed by myself, Phil Carney. It was a combination of heart felt sadness whilst a good laugh. The cast did a commendable job and the audience lapped it up.

Last for 2023 was as always, the Agatha Christie, A Murder is Announced. When something works well, you dont change it and Sharon White our Agatha Christie extraordinaire director continued her excellent work of providing patrons with mystery, murder and kept them guessing to the end.

New Farm Nash Theatre continues to mature even though it is 30 years young in theatre life. Seriously, 2023 saw in excess 1,400 patrons and netted through Try Booking more than $22,000 in ticket sales. Nash Theatre grows every production, and we discover new patrons that return. This is the important part, that we continue to foster quality community theatre and grow our patron base.

Many hands make light work and as we continue to grow, we need more volunteers in all areas. Our continuing volunteers provided a great service to Nash Theatre, without them we could not have done what we did, with more we can do more. Another interesting feature of 2023 was that many theatre companies experienced what we did in 2023 and that was the lack of males auditioning for roles. The 2023 and 2024 production line up was chosen with this in mind and perhaps 2025 will be the same.

New Farm Nash Theatre, a community-based theatre company relies on the generosity of the community for its lifeblood, whether its volunteering as an actor, sewing costumes, making sets, or working front of house we are all here to provide quality community theatre, to have fun and to meet new people. The services that these people provide is invaluable and I give a huge thank you to everyone.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank the 2023 Nash Committee, Tim Oxley, Jason Nash, Sharon White and John Stibbard for unquavering support and work in keeping New Farm Nash Theatre what it is and moving forward.

As I do every year, I encourage you all to actively promote and participate in New Farm Nash activities so we can continue to build stronger, better, and brighter.

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