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Our first production for 2024 was War of the Worlds A Lux Radio Play


Announcer/Host – David Hill

Narrator – Bruce Edgerton

Clayton – Alex Thompson

Fireman/Collins/1st Voice/Mann/Looter – Alec Adsett

Bilderbeck/Sheriff/Minister – John Mann

Smith/Colonel/Major/2nd Loudspeaker/Rich Man – Matt McNeice

Sylvia – Ella Bromback

Fiddler/Reporter/Observation – Petra Donnison

D.O./Caller/Sofia/Duprez – Sandy Adsett

Camila/2nd Voice/Loudspeaker – Lara Latham

Foley Artists – Hazel Newman, Rob Crook, Mark Corben

Production Team:

Director – Jason Nash

Stage Manager – Rob Crook

Sound – Jason Nash and Cast

What the Critics said



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