Audition Details

Directed by Philippa Dwyer

May 1st 2022 – New Farm Nash Theatre Playshed.

Characters required:

GINNY- Age 25-35. A young woman with a chequered past. Charming, worldly, with a rather cynical view of life.

GREG- Age 25-35. Ginny’s current boyfriend. Amiable, naïve, strait-laced and pragmatic.

PHILIP- Age 45-60. Ginny’s former employer and ex-lover. Stiff-upper-lipped businessman; stubborn, opinionated, pompous and testy.

SHEILA- Age 45-60. Philip’s wife. Somewhat vague and unworldly; impeccably polite and hospitable to a fault; bemused, trusting and unflappable.

All four roles will require English accents and excellent comedic timing.

Performances  July 9th-30th

For more information, please contact Philippa Dwyer on 0448351546


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